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Job Matching

We help blue collar job seekers find suitable work that best matches their skills and abilities.

Workers for your needs

We link employers to the best available workers for the jobs they need done. Make a work order, we send the best labour.

Vetting potential workers

We do background checks and vet our workers so that you stay at ease knowing you have the best.

Get the best workers

Get workers best suited for you

We vet all of our workers to ensure you only get the best and most trustworthy individuals for your job. The quality of work done directly reflects on the worker's portfolio. We match you with the highest-rated worker available.

Just make a work order, let us worry about the difficult part of getting the best-matched worker for your job, location and attention to detail.

Why choose us

Soft skills training

We train and equip our workers with the necessary soft skills for client relations.

Job matching

Our platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to get you the best suited workers for you.

Vetting workers

We carry out background checks and keep a rating system to ensure we have the best individuals.

Quality assurance

We monitor the quality of work delivered and take into account your feedback.

Secure payments

Payments are made securely and transparently through our platform.

Working Contact Form

Have an issue or query? We always have a human ready to give you answers in no time.

Meet our team



5 years start-up experience, informal markets, urban planner.



Social welfare & community development.



Data scientist and public health.


Software Developer

Software developer, experience with incountry APIs.

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